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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with Nic Mckinley who is the Founder and Executive Director at DeliverFund. In this interview they cover his career in the CIA and the work he does with stopping human trafficking.  This interview is one hour and twenty minutes long.


SOF veterans Andy Stumpf and Nic McKinley sit down to talk Special Ops, the CIA, and Counter Human Trafficking. 


SOF Veterans Mike Sarraille and Nic McKinley sit down and talk about human trafficking, want the everyday warrior can do to stop it.


SOF veterans Mike Glover and Nic McKinley sit down to talk Special Ops, the CIA, and Counter Human Trafficking.


Former CIA special agent, Nic McKinley, spent his career in a unit at the agency that operates in some of the hairiest locations in the world. Nic tells us about cheating death as he tried to maintain his cover while fighting terrorist organizations and why he is now running a counter-human trafficking organization. Created with The Prime Original Series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan began streaming on Prime Video.  This mini-documentary is ten minutes long.

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Watch the recent virtual CINA Distinguished Speaker Series event featuring Nic McKinley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DeliverFund as he discusses “Using Transaction Data to Disrupt Illicit Commodity Markets.”

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