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Problems.  Solved.

MISSION: Counter Human Trafficking

DeliverFund equips law enforcement, prosecutors, and industry partners with the tools and data to fight human trafficking at scale. We do this by providing training, building technology platforms and machine learning tools, and disseminating intelligence to those engaged daily in the fight against human trafficking.  All of this is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors with a passion to see the abolition of human trafficking in America. 

MISSION: Healthy Brains

Go Pills are a custom nootropic stack designed to help you achieve hyper-cognition.  One serving of GO PILLS™ delivers 1425mg of eight powerful and carefully curated nootropics. Go Pills are the first step to our goal of creating an "app store" for the brain.

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MISSION: Private Equity


Strategic Advisory

As a Strategic Advisor, I provide guidance and expert insights to private equity firms and their portfolio companies.  Leveraging my extensive experience in data and intelligence systems, I play a crucial role in identifying investment opportunities and strategic relationships to drive firm success.  I am not taking on any new clients at this time.

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