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Nic McKinley


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Driving Mission Success

Nic McKinley


Nic McKinley is a two-time tech entrepreneur who has pioneered scalable technical solutions aimed at protecting society from predators.  Despite being a military special operator, a CIA operative, a founder of two multimillion-dollar tech companies, a graduate of Harvard University, and being dubbed “The Real Jack Ryan”, Nic’s most important calling is that of a Christian, a husband to an extraordinary wife, and father to amazing children.


From Counter Human Trafficking solutions to leadership mentoring, I'm here to drive mission accomplishment.

Nic McKinley Speaking


Leadership mentoring and keynotes focused on VC, PE, and start-up operators.

Nic McKinley DeliverFund

Founder and CEO

Intelligence and Tech to Counter Human Trafficking

Nic McKinley Podcast

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